Server Rules:
#1:KOS is not encouraged but not always enforced, do not ruin the fun for people early game
A)KOS is not allowed if someone is detained
#2:Teaming is not encouraged but it is allowed unless there is minimal people in the server or left alive
#3:Mic spam and anything inappropriate being said over the mic is not allowed
A)playing music as long as its not blasting is allowed
B)making annoying noises will count in this category
#4:Hacking or extreme abuse of glitches is strictly pohibited
#5:Staff have the final say in everything do not disrespect them
A)if a staff member is abusing this power feel free to report them on our discord server
#6:Suicide to avoid being something is not allowed
A)if an admin is on and you truly don’t wanna be that class just ask