Dr. Clef's Facility

Our Discord!(Clickable)

Any problems or issues you may encounter can be either reported in game(if our system doesn't break) or via discord.

Rules -
1) Swearing is permitted but any hate speech or slurs are not allowed regardless of your Race or LGBTQ Status.

2) Staff has the right to ban you at any moment for anything regardless if it's here or not. If you have a dispute please reach out to our email or discord.

3) Any attempts to DDOS or hack this server is a felony and will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies with your information.

4) No 3rd party modding applications for glitching or exploits are allowed (Don't try to cheat).

5) Do not suicide to avoid being a class.

6) No camping or stalling the round in any part of the map is allowed.

7) No team-killing allowed period.

8) Do not harass or impersonate staff.

9) No trolling or mic spamming allowed. Playing music is allowed as long as it is okay with the staff and players.(Only applies to Radio, Spectator/SCP Chat, and Intercom)

10) Do not kill any D-Class or Scientist personnel that is unarmed unless they are uncompliant.

11) No teaming is allowed unless its Chaos and SCPs.