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1. Respect All Players
Treat all players with respect, regardless of their role or experience in the game. Harassment, discrimination, or abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.

2. No Cheating
Any form of cheating, exploiting bugs, or using unauthorized third-party software that gives an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited.

3. No Griefing
Deliberately ruining the game for other players, such as team killing, is not allowed and can result in a ban.

4. Communication
Use clear and respectful language in all forms of communication. Avoid excessive swearing and do not engage in toxic behavior.
Follow instructions from server moderators and administrators.


5. Role Compliance
Play according to the role you have been assigned at the start of the game. Each role contributes uniquely to the gameplay, and adhering to role-specific behaviors is expected.

6. Objective Completion
Focus on completing your objectives. Cooperation with team members is highly encouraged to enhance the game experience.

7. Spawn Camping
Do not camp near spawn points to ambush newly spawned players. This behavior detrains from the fairness and fun of the game.

8. Reporting Issues
Report any issues such as bugs, player misconduct, or technical problems to the moderators or through the proper channels provided by the server.

9. Ban Appeals
If you are banned, follow the appeal process outlined on the server's website or community guidelines. Be honest and respectful throughout the appeal process.

Moderator Discretion

Moderators have the discretion to take appropriate actions to ensure a positive gaming environment. Their decisions should be respected and followed.

Encourage and promote fair play and positive interactions among players. Be a role model for new players and help foster a welcoming community.