Welcome! This server is small but trying to grow, So it would be lots of pleasure if you join!

Some common Rules we should follow here
1. Please for the sake of everyone, don't be toxic its not fun for anyone
2. You can play music just don't make it too loud please... For everyone's ears
3. If we see you cheating we will have no mercy we will ban you on the spot no 2nd chances (Also if you see a cheater and we don't see it please tell us)
4. Don't be weird, EX: making weird sounds, Asking for peoples pictures, Or just being plain up weird
why the fuck would you do this anyway
5. Don't bother mods or troll its not cool and its gonna make you look like a dick and possibly get a ban
6. I don't know why people still do this but don't ask for high ranks your not going to get it
7. Please don't suicide as an scp, you get what you get i cant do anything about that
8. Don't shoot unarmed/disarmed people you will be warned
9. don't telsa your own teammates as 079 that isn't cool
10. don't be a dick and yell at random people especially kids thier trying to have the same fun as you too man
10. you can cross team with the monsters as a d boi, scientist, or chaos insurgent
11. you can teamkill just don't do it too much.

this server is owned by a squeaker :troll:

Need help with something? Join our discord server in the title!