The Dum Server
Welcome to The Dum Server! We are a heavily modded server that includes custom roles, SCP reworks, custom items (coming soon), custom SCPs (coming soon), custom map (coming very soon), and much more.

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1. No racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, or any other type of discrimination.

2. Do not make jokes regarding p*dophilia, r*pe, m*lestation, or anything similar.

3. NSFW conversations, remarks, or actions are not allowed.

4. Do not be extremely toxic towards other players.

5. Do not abuse the in-game reporting system.

6. Do not micspam in any global chat (spectator, intercom, radio, SCP, etc).

7. Do not earrape at all.

8. Cross-teaming is not allowed at any point in the game (this includes "shopkeeping" or chaos teaming with SCPs). The exception is D-Class and Scientists or cuffed/obedient D-Class/Scientists.

9. KOS and killing cuffed players is allowed. Reporting players for it counts as breaking rule 5.

10. Do not talk about politics at all.

11. Do not delay the round. Camping/hiding is allowed as long as you are not the last target.

12. Pretending to be staff in any way (custom tags, nicknames, or even just saying that you are staff) is not allowed.

13. Just because a specific thing is not listed does not mean you will not be punished. The staff team has the right to decide whether or not something that you did is allowed or not. Use your common sense.

- DiscordIntegration by Joker119
- CedMod by ced777ric
- Dum Custom Roles by DumDum57
- Dum Mod Tools by DumDum57
- Dum 106 Rework by DumDum57
- Dum 173 Rework by DumDum57
- Dum 049 Rework by DumDum57
- Dum Gameplay Tweaks by DumDum57