The Consummate

About us:

We are a small gaming community looking to expand and grow, we are chill and laid back. We don't care what you say, as long as you aren't rude beyond saying something jokingly or saying blatantly discriminatory things. everyone that follows the rules and is respectful is welcome to play.


1. Follow Northwood's End User Lisence Agreement, or "EULA".
1.1 Northwood's EULA can be found <color=#ffcc5c> <size=10> here (clickable)
2. No crossteaming is allowed, this includes Chaos and SCP's
3. Be respectful, if you are rude you will be banned.
4. You are not allowed to use exploits or any unintended game mechanics or modifications.

Contact information:

Business email - [email protected]
Discord server invite link - <color=#ffcc5c> (clickable)