[UK] Divinity #1

If the server for any reason refuses to let you join contact me @-Ninya#6369

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------=]:Rules:[=------ </smallcaps>

1. Homophobia, Racism, or any Discrimination Will not be Tolerated
2. No Cheating/Hacking or useing out side programms in order to gain an advantage
3. No Killing Obedient/Cooperative Prisoners
4. Gaurds can not KOS unless the Dis-Obedient Player is not Cooperating with your commands/ or if they are visibly armed with a weapon
5. Do Not Stall the round by camping while being the last alive
6. No teaming between SCP's and any other class'es "this excludes Chaos Insurgency"
7. While Purchasing One of our VIP Packages Do Not Cash back this will get you Banned
8. Don't ask staff to use RA for your advantage or anyone else's
10. Dont Promote other servers/ your staff application/ other services to us or anyone on the server if they are on here let them enjoy this environment without having to mute or report players
11. (Join the Discord)
Note: If an admin is breaking a rule, please join the discord and say the name of the admin, the date, and the offense (Thing Done) in the reports channel. Please! Do not talk with the admin head on, report it to me, Ninya, and I will deal with it. This goes for normal players too, if they are breaking a rule, join the discord and do the same process as you would with an admin.