Click me to join the Discord! (Must have Steam Overlay + Browser enabled)

-=[Our Rules]=-
[1.] Let people have fun, don't be toxic.
[2.] KOS is allowed, but not encouraged.
[2.1] Killing detained players (regardless of cuffed/uncuffed) that are
following a group of MTF/Chaos escorting them out is not allowed.
[3.] Camping is allowed when used tactically.
[3.1] Camping is not allowed if it hinders round progression.
[4.] Any form of cheating is not allowed.
[4.1] This includes exploits.
[5.] No SCP + SCP-049-2 (Zombie) suicide.
[6.] Annoying/Loud Mic-spam is only allowed in Local Proximity Channels.
[7.] Cross-teaming is not allowed if it affects other players, both positively or negatively.
[7.1] CI and SCP players may choose to cooperate or fight
depending on the current situation.
[8.] Listen to our active staff, our staff have the final say in-game
regarding rulings.

-=[Server Features]=-
[•] No Ammo Limits.
[•] No Item Limits.
[•] Remote Keycard.
[•] Infinite Radio Battery.
[•] SCP Proximity Chat Toggle. (Press ALT to toggle.)

If you need to report something happening on the server, or wish to appeal a punishment, you can contact the Server Head or any of our High Ranking Staff on our Discord Server. (see above for link/embed)