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Welcome to the <color=#199BFF>Pantheon SCP: Secret Laboratory Servers</color>

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[1] Providing others information discovered externally from the game is not allowed. This is also known as meta-gaming.
[2] Harassment, racism, sexism, and toxic behaviour won’t be tolerated.
[3] Do not seek out game exploits or try to use them to your advantage.
[4] Do not intentionally delay games, this includes camping, refusing to escape, or preventing your team from detonating the nuke.
[5] Do not advertise without permission from a manager to do so.
Twitch and YouTube links in your name are the only exception.</color>
[6] Any form of cheats/hacks will get you banned from all Pantheon servers.
[7] We accept mic-spamming in proximity provided it is at an appropriate volume. Mic-spam external to proximity chat must remain in-excessive and not be loud; this includes spectator chat, SCP chat, radio chat and intermission.
[8] Teaming is not allowed (this includes SCPs and Chaos Insurgency).
Our only exceptions for teaming are as follows:
Players can restrain and escort their enemies to the escape zone. They must however be detained at all times and also cannot work with their captors.
-> Class-D and Scientists can cooperate with each other. They however cannot work against their own team, e.g providing them weapons to kill teammates.
-> SCP 079 is exempted however can only team with Class-D and CI.</color>

[-] SCP-914 will upgrade items you drop and also the item in your hand.
[-] All SCPs will be notified when a fellow SCP disconnects from the server.
[-] All SCPs will be notified when a generator is being activated.
[-] Players who load into the round late will be spawned as Class-D.
[-] SCPs that disconnect early in the round will be replaced by a spectator (WIP).
[-] SCP-106 cannot use his Stalk ability inside elevators.
[-] If you are the last human remaining you will be notified via a hint.
[-] AFK players will be kicked after a two minutes of inactivity.
[-] All classes have a chance to spawn with an extra item, e.g Janitor Card as Class-D.
[-] Humans/Zombies will spawn at a randomized height (ranged between 174-186cm).
[-] Facility Guards and NTF Specialists will not trigger Tesla gates.
[-] A timer will display indicating when a respawn is commencing, and who is respawning.
[-] The auto nuke will be enabled 20 minutes into the game.
[-] Friendly Fire will be enabled at the end of each round.
[-] Player stats for the round will display at the end of each game.
[-] Stats tracking (tracks kills, item usage, escapes, and fastest escape time) (WIP).