Welcome to the TPCU Server!

To join our discord - https://discord.gg/sfat5CMKC4(Clickable) and our website - https://www.tpcunited.tk/(Clickable)

* This is also an event server as we do events time to time.
* SCP 049 and 049-2 can talk with V - Working again. (you can do it with all SCPs at the moment)
* You can switch SPCs on 1 to 1 in 914. (cannot become SCP 096)
* Infiltrated Class-D has an O5 and a gun but they are set at 50 hp.
* you can open any keycard locked door with E if you have the keycard in your inventory.
* there is a respawn timer.
* 106 can stalk.
* if you are a scientist or boy you can become an SCP. (not going to say)
* Serpents hand now can spawn after the first spawn wave and has a 50% to replace chaos respawn (only 2 can spawn but * with 500 hp).
* Scp1162 is in SCP173 chambers, so drop any items to get it changed into another.
* UIU rescue squad can spawn after the first respawn. (50% to replace MTF spawn)
* Door Restart System can happen, meaning the door will sometimes shut and lock. (45% chance for it in-game)
* Ultimate AFK so you can play and the AFK can become a spectator.
* zombie Suicide Hotline just to respawn the player if they kill them selfs as a zombie.
* A text chat so you can talk to anyone, just open up the console with @' key can type .textchat (public, private, team) [message]
* Teslas are now disabled for MTF units and guards.
* Omega Warhead so if you are camping on the surface after the nuke you have 3 minutes from the alpha detonation before EVERYONE dies.
* Lucky Pills so if you take some pills you will receive a random effect like god mode or turn into a zombie.
* Custom Escape means that if you escape as a class you would become a different class e.g. Tutorials to SCP 173.
* Better 939 so you can stop crying and now can kill players as you are now slightly faster than them but go into a cool down after a bite. (Not 100% working)
*Better 079 so PC is more interesting. .079 help for commands .079 blackout turns off all lights .079 flash, flash bang's the room .079 activate turns on the nuke and .079 canceled stops the nuke for nuke you need level 4-5 btw.

1) No glitches/ exploits/ cheating!
2) No team mass team killing
3) No Discrimination / Racism!
4) Respect Staff.
5) Common sense - If you're doing something that could or is bad we hold the right to remove you or ban you.
6) No mic spam - this is mainly playing music at loud volumes, you can play music in the background tho - this includes intercom so do not blast music or be intercom muted.
7) Do not hold the round you - this includes sitting in one room or in one area.
Rules are subject to change.