Welcome to the TPCU Server!

To join our discord - https://discord.gg/U56BGxP8YN(Clickable) and our website - https://www.tpcunited.tk/(Clickable)

-={ RULES }=-

1) Absolutely no racism, sexism, threats, or harassment. You can have banter with others.
2) Do not team with other teams as you can prevent the game from ending.
- You can team with the SCP to save yourself but not for the whole game.
3) Do not call out any staff members or interfear with any staff investigations / staff sits.
- This makes it harder for staff to find cheaters.
4) No camping or stalling the round, there is an auto nuke that will go off at 25 minutes.
5) Respect others.

-={ OTHER }=-

Custom 914 recipes and Class conversion, means that class D can become an SCP and vice versa.

There is SCPSwap, do .swap [SCP NUMBER] like .swap 173, and the other person will need to do .accept to swap SCPs.
This works with SCPs that have not spawned, so if you are 106 and want to swap to 173 but there is not 173 you can.

Is someone breaking the rules? Press N to open up the player list and click ⚠️ to create a report. Fill in the description and click on the breaking the rules button.
if they are cheating then click on the cheating button. If you have video or photo evidence or record/take screenshots of the cheater and submit the data to SCP:SL Polaris bot or Staff on the official SCP:SL discord server.

Rules are subject to change.