Welcome to the TPC Server!

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TPC Announcements
We're looking for staff right now!
discord account
steam account (optional)
must have basic knowledge of both discord and SCP: SL
must not be doing it because you are power-hungry - as soon as we find out we will immediately demote/remove you from the staff team.
YOU MUST LINK YOUR DISCORD AND STEAM! (optional if you are doing it for staff on discord)
ClickHere to join the server and ask for the forum</size>

If It says that you have been kicked/banned while loading you will most likely have not, after a few rounds the server also restarts so if you disconnect or it takes a while to load then wait or rejoin.
D-Class are protected from MTF and Scientists if cuffed and are in entrance or surface.
SCP-049-2 (zombies) can infect players - you must use SCP-500 to fully cure the infection or use a custom medkit for 25%.
049 can speak to humans by using V.
049 can summon the dead by typing .cr in the console this unlocks after a certain amount of cured and time passed.
049 can heal their zombies after they cure a certain amount of players.
049 can heal themselves if they cure a player.
You can swap with other SCPs. Press ' under the @ and then type .swap [SCP num] for example .scpswap 173 then they will need to type .scpswap yes - you can swap with SCPs that have not spawned if you want to play an SCP and there is non on your team then type .scpswap [SCP num]
5% sinkhole of forming in LCZ.
auto nuke after 25 minutes.
pocket dimension has 4 exits that rotate if the correct one is used.
new exit locations if you escape the pocket dimension.
we have a tranquilizer gun (Com-15) in Light Containment that will know out everything for 10 seconds except 106 and 173.
waiting rooms.
random sizes.
you can swap SCPs manually if you use the 1:1 setting in 914.
top staff members have color-changing roles.
serpantshands has been added
Auto AFK kick.

1) No glitches/ exploits/ cheating!
2) you can kill class-D or if they're disobeying orders while detained.
3) No team killing like shutting doors on your team and they die to it (D-class on D-class is allowed).
4) Don't shut doors on people it's not nice.
5) No Discrimination / Racism!
6) Respect Staff.
7) don't leave if you have an SCP you don't like, just play and learn to get better you got this.
8) Common sense - If you're doing something that could or is bad we hold the right to remove you or ban you.
9) No Doxing / Dosing or DDosing anyone or the server.
10) No mic spam - this includes playing music at loud volumes, you can play music in the background tho - this includes intercom.
11) No Ghosting - if you are in a call with your mate on discord or talking to players outside of SCP: SL's chat.
12) Do not hold the round you will need to progress soon - this includes camping in one area.
13) Do not avoid punishments!
14) Don't complain if any staff member is doing something.
15) Follow SCP: SL and Steam TOS.
Rules are subject to change.

note that both steam and scp:sl TOS must be followed here too