Failure to comply will result in kicks, bans, mutes, and potentially other punishments


To keep the server friendly to anyone and everyone, we require you to not use sexist, racist, or homophobic terms, slurs, or speech

DDOS and Doxxing

Doxxing others and DDOSing the server will result in legal actions being taken, along with a ban


All Staff Members have final say, this is to prevent finding and exploiting loopholes


Please refrain from spamming in chats or mic spamming in voice chats

Follow SCP: SL and Discord TOS

This is a 13+ server only and you must follow any and all other Discord TOS and SCP: SL TOS

Common Sense

Please have common sense, it gives others headaches that are uncalled for, especially after people are returning from work or school, they don't want to deal with a person who lacks common sense. It gives us headaches, your not funny
Respect Other Players:

Treat all players with respect and courtesy. Avoid using offensive language, harassment, or discrimination of any kind.

No Cheating or Hacking:

Do not use cheats, hacks, or exploits. Cheating ruins the fun for others and is not tolerated.

Report Rule Violations:

If you encounter someone breaking the rules or being disruptive, report them to the server moderators or administrators.