Server Location
Staten Island, New York, United States

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Basic Server Guidelines
1. Cheats, hacks, and bug exploits are prohibited.
2. Overly toxic behavior (such as personal attacks) will result in a ban.
3. Don't throw the game. (e.g. SCP purposely activating the alpha warhead.)
4. Don't disrespect the server staff.
5. Racism, sexism, transphobia, or otherwise offensive content is disallowed.
6. Threats of doxing, DDoSing, or hacking are grounds for an immediate ban.
7. No mic spamming or ear-rape in pre-game, end-game, SCP, radio, or spectator chat.
8. No ear-raping over the intercom.
9. Teaming with opposition is not allowed.
10. MTF & Chaos are ENCOURAGED -- BUT NOT REQUIRED -- to attempt to disarm Class-D and Scientists.*

* Cooperative Class-D or Scientists refers to disarmed players who don't attempt to flee, evade, or disobey you in an attempt to escape the facility with their original team. <color=#FF0000>Disarmed players are not allowed to be killed by the team that disarmed them. Uncuffing someone with intent to kill them (to avoid breaking rule #10) is a violation of rule #2 and is extremely toxic; you will be banned for it.</color></color>