<color=#FF8C00>[US East] Official SCP: Secret Laboratory Server #2

Server Location
New York, United States

Invite: discord.ravengard.net <== Click to join our Discord!

Basic Server Guidelines
1. Cheats, hacks, and bug exploits are prohibited.
2. Overly toxic behavior (such as personal attacks) will result in a ban.
3. Don't throw the game. (e.g. SCP purposely activating the alpha warhead.)
4. Don't disrespect the server staff.
5. Profanity is allowed; racial slurs are NOT to be targeted towards anyone.
6. Threats of doxxing, DDoSing, or hacking are grounds for an immediate ban.
7. No mic spamming or ear-rape in pre-game, end-game, SCP, radio, or spectator chat.
8. Teaming with opposition is not allowed.
9. MTF & Chaos are ENCOURAGED -- BUT NOT REQUIRED -- to attempt to disarm Class-D and Scientists.*

* Cooperative Class-D or Scientists refers to disarmed players who don't attempt to flee, evade, or disobey you in an attempt to escape the facility with their original team. <color=#FF0000>Disarmed players are not allowed to be killed by the team that disarmed them. Uncuffing someone with intent to kill them (to avoid breaking rule #10) is a violation of rule #2 and is extremely toxic; you will be banned for it.</color></color>