Maker's Realm Server Info
Server Owners:
Lucas & Aster
KOS is not allowed (including detained D-Class/scientists)<b>

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1: Do not harass anyone
2: Be a good sport
3: Do not impersonate other server members.
4: Do not ask to be staff when applications are not open
5: No NSFW content is allowed in game.
6: Don't mic spam or ear-rape (Playing soundboards over radio, intercom, etc)
7: Do not be racist, homophobic, transphobic, or sexist.
The moderation team has discretion over any punishment enacted.
Cheating or abusing exploits is always a permanent

Our Features:
- Always spawn SCP-3114 above 6 Players (can replace players selected as SCPs)
- 914 upgrades in Hand
- RemoteKeycard
- Cedmod rank sync
- SCP Swap