DREAM SPACE https://discord.gg/XBD8qr5


1.Dont spam attack a player as scp when they are in God mode(this causes the server to lag)
2.No micspamming (soundboards are allowed to an extent)
3.No nsfw chat in icom, radio, etc.
4.No teamkilling
5.KOS is allowed, but the decision to kill or not to kill a d class is decided by the highest rank there.
For chaos its your decision, since everyone is the same rank
6.Suiciding as 049-2 when youve been revived is not allowed
7.No toxicity
8.no holding on cards you dont need(give em to your teammates
9.racism isnt allowed
10.suicide is not allowed (depending on the reason)

Current Plugins

- open doors without having to hold the access key in your hand
- If a player has an unloaded micro HID in his inventory and dies from a tesla it will recharge
- In SCP 106's pocket dimetion you won't die if you go wrong until you find the right one

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