Welcome to Redacted Servers

(Server Info)

- Discord: Click Here
- Friendly Fire is enabled to give a sense of realism and to balance the game
- We have an XP plugin, the commands are .level (name) and .leaderboard
- We have a custom plugin that places a tranquilizer gun in light containment zone, it is capable of incapacitating all organic beings. Careful though it has limited ammo.
- Intercom can be used for up to 240 seconds and has a 120 second cooldown. Go wild!
- We host event rounds and the winner of an event gets to choose a reasonable reward, if you have an idea for an event be sure to share it in our #server-suggestion channel in discord
- Our servers restart daily at 3:00 A.M. PST
(Server Rules)

< 1. > The use of cheats will result in a Permanent Global Ban.
< 2. > Team Killing will result in staff handling your punishment using their own standards, while abiding by Redacted’s standards. (Example: Don't Elevator nade, or you will get perma banned.)
< 3. > Please refrain from any kind of Hateful conduct (racism, homophobic slurs, insulting/degrading a specific group of individiuals)
< 4. > In game chat is excluded from mic spam rule.
< 5. > Killing yourself to avoid playing as a certain class or SCP is a bannable offense.
< 6. > Mic Spamming in the intercom room is encouraged.
< 7. > Muting Staff members is not allowed and may result in a kick or short term ban.
< 8. > (Community made rule) Do not mic spam in spectator, this may result in a kick or short term ban.
< 9. > Do NOT impersonate staff in game to try to frame them for abuse. You will get an immediate permanent ban from our servers and Discord.
(SCP Info)

(SCP-939) "Codename - Doggo" HP: 2200 - ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇
(SCP-173) "Codename - Peanut" HP: 4000 - Increased Health
(SCP-106) "Codename - Larry" HP: 650 - Pocket Dimension Improvements
(SCP-096) "Codename - Shyguy" HP: 2000 - ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇
(SCP-049) "Codename - The Plague Doctor" HP: 1700 ▇▇▇▇▇▇
(SCP-049-2) "Codename - Zombie" HP: 400 - Can infect humans
SCP’s have their own commands that can be used in console.
.scpswap (#) allows you to swap to another scp in the first 60 seconds of the round.
.scplist shows the other SCPs who are alive.
(̸̩̐S̴͚̄C̵͙̿P̸͌͜-̸̬̾0̵̝͒7̸̱͐9̷̟̈́)̴͉̒ ̵̭͂h̵̭̆a̸̫̽s̷͔̈́ ̷̘̆ṵ̴̕p̶̣̈g̵̙̔r̷̼͘a̵̜̽ḍ̵̓e̷͉͛d̷͙̍ ̴̩̔s̶̥͋o̶̦̕f̴̦̓t̶̳̐w̸͓̉a̷͕̒r̸͔̅ȇ̴͜ ̸͖̒c̵̨̅a̵͕̔p̶̠̑a̴̢̓b̶̪̋l̵͖͋é̶͖ ̴̧́ŏ̴̲f̵̬͋ ̶͋ͅu̵̳͛s̷͕̅i̴̥͐n̶̠̿g̵̠̐ ̸̳̀c̷̄assie commands and controlling the facility, type .079 as (SCP-079) to see them