Laid Back Server</align></color>

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We try to be more chill and well...laid back. This is both on the SL server, Discord, and our other servers. Basically, use common sense. We're all trying to have a good time.
One of the only servers hosted in the US SOUTHWEST


1. Don’t argue with mods, admins, and especially the server owners. Their word is final. Report staff abuse on our discord.

2. Don't be a d!ck, don't be toxic. We're here to have fun.

3. Do not purposely kill/damage teammates against their will. This rule can be broken if it is self-defense

4. D-Class on D-Class Teamkilling is allowed

5. Excessive mic spamming is prohibited. Do not play overly loud audio over your mic.

6. Never try to impersonate a staff member.

7. No bigotry. Racist, sexist, homophobic, and similar slurs are not allowed on the server.

8. Don’t start petty arguments. We don’t need that. This includes politics and religion.

9. Do not attempt to intentionally delay the round for an extended period of time.

10. Hacking, exploiting, glitching, and using third-party applications is not allowed under any circumstance.

11. If you become an SCP-049-2 do not kill yourself on purpose.

12. Use common sense, don't loophole the rules.

13. Do not kill anyone on the other team who has been disarmed.

For more thoroughly explained rules, check our <color=#add8e6ff>discord</i></b>.

These rules may be changed in the future, so make sure to regularly check them every now and then.

By playing on our server, you agree to these rules.</color>

You can report rule-breakers in the Discord or by pressing "n" and clicking the hazard symbol /!\ next to the rule breaker's name. Make sure to state how they are breaking the rules. Then click "Report for breaking server rules" unless they are using cheats. If they are using cheats, click "Report for cheating or raiding". If there is a mic spammer, please press “n” and click the mute icon next to the spammer's name if you want to mute them.

914 is set to "Dropped And Held."