0mega S1te Rules
· Server Rules and How to Deal with Violations
· Server Report Feedback System
· Server Report Feedback Processing Method
· Server Achievement Title System
· Server Plug-in System
· Other Plans
· Data Information
We provide a long-lasting server for players, so that players who want to play in this game for a long time or pursue the original flavor can focus on this place.
Server Rules
- Server without friend injury
- We allow normal events such as D-killing and card robbing to occur. Facility guards can make judgments on a case-by-case basis. Escorting tied D-level personnel can increase the odds for your own camp refresh.
- Cooperation between human and SCP camps is forbidden. Scientists and D-levels, Nine-tailed Fox and Chaos can cooperate with each other if it does not affect the end of the game. (SCP independent camp, Chaos D class a camp, nine tailed fox scientists a camp). SCP camps are allowed to choose not to kill D-level personnel (excluding Chaos insurgency), but any cooperative behavior, such as escorting D-level personnel to escape, cooperating with D-level personnel against the Nine-tailed Fox, and other cooperative behavior is strictly prohibited. If there is only one D-ranked person left, piggybacking behavior is prohibited; see the note on the rule prohibiting delay for details. Please also note the next rule description.
- It is forbidden to indulge in letting the opposing camp kill its own camp (e.g. a D-ranked person kills a guard in front of you without killing this D-ranked person)
- It is forbidden to intentionally delay the game, resulting in a significant increase in turn time (for example, you are left playing hide and seek in the refresh of the 3rd reinforcement still hiding, and for example, the SCP camp deliberately does not kill a few known survivors, waiting for the human camp to refresh, commonly known as "piggybacking").
- Insider behavior by Nine-tailed Fox and facility guards is prohibited, such as shutting down teammates' electrical shutters, killing/untying a detained and compliant D-lister after a malicious kill. (Judged by evidence and dealt with according to the severity of the situation)
- It is prohibited to maliciously close the door multiple times to obstruct teammates of the same camp. (Judged by evidence and dealt with according to the severity of the situation)
- It is forbidden to maliciously card a bug, open a hang-up, continue to swear at others for a long time, etc., maliciously kill others indiscriminately. (such as the use of BUG to kill friendly units)
- Prohibit hanging inactive and birth suicide behavior (if you are judged to be hanging or inactive but continue to participate in the game, all earnings time and experience of the authorities will be reduced to 0, and those judged to be playing negatively will be automatically kicked out from the server)
- Prohibit in the surface of the touch hanging not to enter the facility to carry out the task, but in the surface of the delay (the first wave of security, at an extreme disadvantage, the need to leave a few fires and so do not count)
- It is forbidden to engage in excessive, prolonged, malicious behavior with the primary purpose of ruining the game experience of others rather than the purpose of the game. (Judged by evidence and dealt with according to the severity of the situation)
- Prohibit the use of intercom or observer channels to play noisy, unreasonable music and audio (reasonable voice packs sound packs, etc. are allowed)
- Prohibit malicious giving each other weapons to assist in killing the camp of the giver
- Prohibit the use of bullet marks effects to draw NSFW content (e.g. reproductive worship)
The Server Reporting Feedback System
In general, please contact Mods at Discord for immediate action.
- No special noted violation
Disposition: 15 minutes/ban/execution
- Malicious insults and shouting at others
(Depending on the situation, admins online may give warnings or bans directly depending on the situation, (malicious taunting of newcomers, denigration of veteran players, etc. are also included). If you report this category, you need to provide at least 30 seconds of video recording, need to record to the clear player ID and Steam64ID information, if the file is too large, please contact the group or send in Discord to the group owner or administrator
Result: After the warning is invalid, the first ban will start from 6 hours, the second ban will start from 24 hours, and the third ban will be permanent.
- Hanging
(need to provide video if the file is too large, please contact the group or send to the group owner or administrator in Discord, need to record to the clear player ID and Steam64ID information)
Uniform processing results: permanently block Steam64ID + IP
- Card BUG malicious kill others
(need to provide each other clear name ID and Steam64ID information)
Processing result: minimum ban of 48 hours (based on comprehensive evaluation)
- Malicious cooperation between human and SCP camp players
(need to provide video if the file is too large please contact the group or send in Discord to the group owner or administrator, need to record to clear player ID and Steam64ID information)
Result: Minimum ban of 1 hour (based on comprehensive assessment)
- Personal attack (refers to non-joking malicious attack behavior)
(need to provide video if the file is too large, please contact the group or send to the group owner or administrator in Discord, need to record to the clear player ID and Steam64ID information)
Results: General permanent ban until the whistleblower forgiveness (based on a comprehensive assessment)
- Repeated violations of the rules will increase the penalty, up to a permanent ban
- If the above rules are exceeded and cause adverse effects, depending on the severity of the situation
💡 If the violation cannot be processed in time beyond 6 hours, in order to ensure that the violator receives the corresponding punishment, additional penalties will be imposed after the autumn reckoning based on the delayed processing time, which will generally be found and processed within 3 hours after the incident, so please do not violate any of the above rules to spoil the game experience of others, we reserve the right of final interpretation of all the above rule entries.
The banning time is not calculated in real world time, but in game time scale (e.g. a player who is banned will not be able to enter the game until the in-game round time reaches the banned person's time, the time will not be calculated when the server is unoccupied or the round has not yet started)
- Usually you should choose to contact the group directly for processing, because Discord login is not convenient so the processing of information on Discord may produce a serious lag, if the administrator is online game when you can contact directly Administrator fieldwork for processing.
- For this reason, we recommend using the instant replay system to record videos, which will not take up space and can only take a small clip (N card comes with)
Introduction to the Server Plugin System
- . No need to hold a card to open the door
- . Rebirth time
- . Badge & level system (Removed)
- All plug-ins or adjustments will be announced before release to give players time to communicate and exchange feedback to facilitate final adjustments.
Other Plans
1. In addition to the highest authority owner, disable all administrator privileges only to retain blocking privileges, the highest authority owner will comply with the rules themselves so the server will not appear malicious execution of players or administrator brush items for players to use, and will not use the authority to participate in player games or molest players, so if you encounter "abnormal events" Priority consideration whether for their own network and other physical media problems or BUG plug-in caused by (for example, extreme cases due to the player's own delay and other reasons may trigger the official built-in anti-cheat banning system execution).
2. we promise not to use the permission to participate in the normal game (but the highest permission holders can do some field testing without affecting the game conditions, [such as testing weapon data or bugs outside the map, etc.])
Other data
Refresh time per round of reinforcements: 240-260 seconds
Maximum number of refreshes per round: 15
Nuclear bomb countdown (can't be turned off): 25 minutes
SCP106 pocket space exit: 2
Contact Email: [email protected]
Discord: discord.gg/U7wqYRgWpu