<size=200%> <align="center">[EU-Central] <#ff0000>Peanut's Laboratory</color>

<size=150%>Contact me here: <#afc710>normalguy45#2520 </color>
<size=125%> Join our Discord server by clicking here!

<align="left"><size=150%><#ff0000>Rules </color>
<size=100%># 1. Always follow staff directions.
# 2. Don't impersonate official SCP:SL or Server Staff.
# 3. No cheating or exploiting. Cheating will result in a global ban from all SCP Secret Laboratory servers.
# 4. Do not troll/sabotage your teammates. Trolling means closing doors on them, locking them in rooms or messing with 914.
<#737373> > This includes turning off generators, killing cooperating cuffed D-Class, and uncuffing D-Class just before letting them escape. </color>
<#737373> > This also includes killing SCPs as SCP-079. </color>
# 5. Spawn camping is forbidden. Spawn camping means when you are actively waiting for MTF/CI to spawn with intent to kill them immediately.
# 6. Don't delay the round. This includes camping, actively not killing enemies and refusing to escape while on surface.
# 7. No Racism, Sexism or Personal harassment of any kind.
# 8. Do not play music or soundboards in spectator or on the intercom and don't mic spam in general.
# 9. Cross-Teaming is not allowed. SCPs are allowed to make a short deal when they, or their teammate is stuck.
<#737373> > If you spare someone, it is not teaming. Once you work together, it will be considered teaming. </color>
# 10. You may only speak English in this server. A phrase in a different language here and there is fine, but no conversations.
# 11. No advertising Youtube/Twitch/Discord etc. in any way.
# 12. You may not play if you are under the age of 13.
# 13. Any and all topics that contain either NSFW, NSFL or any other topic connected to something sexual is prohibited.
<#737373> > This includes, but is not limited to playing sexual sounds/moans or telling someone something about these topics. </color>
# 14. Breaking rules to fight rule breakers will result in the same punishment as them.
# 15. Encouraging others to break rules will result in a punishment equal to the rule breaker.