Cross's Beta Server!
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<line-height=60%>SERVER RULES

</line-height><indent=2%>1. Usage of slurs, offensive remarks, offensive jokes, or just any generally racist/sexist/homophobic behavior is not accepted on this server.</indent><line-height=80%>
<indent=5%>1a) This includes the soft N-Word as well. Nothing is allowed.</indent>
<indent=5%>1b) Offensive remarks as in: criticizing someone for their sexuality, gender, race, etc.</indent>
<indent=5%>1c) Offensive jokes would be jokes relating to human suffering and things similiar.
</line-height><indent=2%>2. Toxic behavior or harassment of any individual is not welcome here. Everyone is here to have fun.</indent><line-height=80%>
<indent=5%>2a) Constantly bugging people, yelling at them, targetting or intentionally making them angry is considered harassment.</indent>
<indent=5%>2b) Toxic behavior includes messing with the 914 dial, constantly closing doors on people, and just generally being an annoying person.</indent>
<indent=5%>2c) Threatening people also falls under this rule. (Death threats, DDos/DOXX threats, etc).
</line-height><indent=2%>3. Killing Detained Scientists or D-Class is not allowed as they are unarmed and can't defend themself, which isn't fun.</indent><line-height=80%>
<indent=5%>3a) An exception to this rule is made when said person isn't following orders, running away, or when they try to make a run for the enemy team.</indent>
<indent=5%>3b) You are also not allowed to undetain someone just for the sake of killing them.</indent>
<indent=5%>3c) However, KOS of D-Class is allowed.</indent></line-height>
</line-height><indent=2%>4. Playing Music/Sounds on your soundboard is allowed, but if it's over the Intercom/Radio, or in the Lobby/SCP chat, or gets to earrape then it is not.</indent><line-height=80%>
<indent=5%>4a) There is no issue with playing soundboards in Proximity chat, as long as it isn't disturbing people or too loud.</indent></line-height><line-height=130%>
</line-height><indent=2%>5. The use of cheats/exploits is prohibited, and cheating will result in a permanent ban.</indent><line-height=80%>
<indent=5%>5a) Exploits are considered abusing bugs in the game that grant an unfair advantage, such as the recent walking out of bounds glitch in LCZ.</indent></line-height><line-height=130%>
</line-height><indent=2%>6. Delaying the round is not allowed. If you know you are one of the last players, go search for engagement. You are only wasting time for other players.</indent><line-height=80%>
<indent=5%>6a) Hiding in locked rooms such as Surface Nuke, counts as delaying.</indent>
<indent=5%>6b) Camping and waiting for reinforcements is also delaying the round.</indent>
<indent=5%>6c) If you are camping and delaying the round, your position will be announced by a moderator.</indent>
<indent=5%>6d) If you are stuck, please call a moderator to let you out. If nobody comes to help you, please rejoin the server.
</line-height><indent=2%>7. Any form of teaming beyond a one time interaction is against the rules.<line-height=80%>
<indent=5%>7a) One time interactions are "Go for him, not me!" or ratting your teammates out in exchange for survival. These are allowed.</indent>
<indent=5%>7b) Chaos/SCP teaming is allowed, though they don't have to team if they don't want to.</indent>
<indent=5%>7c) Detained players are an exception to this rule, such as CI escorting out a detained Scientist. This is not teaming.
</line-height><indent=2%>8. NSFW behavior is not allowed.<line-height=80%>
<indent=5%>8a) Moaning into your mic, or talking sexually is prohibited.</indent>
<indent=5%>8b) NSFW roleplay and such is prohibited.
</line-height><indent=2%>9) SCP-079 Friendly Fire (Killing SCPs with Tesla Gates, closing doors on SCPs on purpose, etc) is against the rules.</indent><line-height=130%>
</line-height><indent=2%>10. Arguing with moderators or denying that you broke a rule even when you clearly broke it, or trying to find loopholes is not allowed, please don't make it harder than it needs to be.</indent><line-height=80%>
<indent=5%>10a) Intentionally wasting the moderator's time or harassing them can and will increase your punishment time.</indent>
<indent=5%>10b) If you believe a moderator is abusing their power, please report it to higher ranked staff.