Site-14 Information
Site-14 | Rules

1) KOS is allowed, do not kill detained d-class, scientist, MTF, chaos insurgency, etc.
2) Please do not mic spam in intercom microphone, SCP chat, spectator chat, etc.

2a) D-class are allowed to kos facility guards, and so as scientists are allowed to kill chaos insurgency on sight.
2b) You are allowed to kill your detained person if they are not following orders, or are running away.
2c) Do not uncuff unless given permission from the person who cuffed them.
2d) Pink candy is NOT kos
2e) Anybody found with a gun (d-class, scientist, etc.), which means if the gun is out or has been seen, that person is able to be killed.
2f) Killing unarmed d-class, scientists, etc. is still KOS.
2g) MTF/guards are allowed to kill chaos insurgency, and that goes for chaos insurgency also.

3) Staff are allowed to punish you for something that is not on here, as long as it is common sense.
4) Please use your brain, and common sense. Don't use loop holes around these rules, it's not going to work.
5) Staff have rules to follow also, that can be found in the Discord server.
6) Any discrimination jokes or harassment is not allowed. This includes tragic events, threats, and sexual jokes towards minors, are not allowed.
7) No teaming

7a) Chaos insurgency are allowed to team with SCPs
7b) D-class are allowed to team with scientists, chaos insurgency, etc.
7c) MTF and chaos insurgency are not allowed to team
7d) SCPs are allowed to spare civilians
7e) Chaos Insurgency are allowed to be spared, but must be detained, and same goes for MTF.

8) If you surrender as d-class or scientist, you cannot break that promise. Killing, running, and other things are not allowed to be done once surrendered.
9) Cheating/exploiting is not allowed

Site-14 | Links
Discord < Clickable

Site-14 | Plugins

Peanut Explodes

Peanut / SCP-173 will explode when he dies, killing every human around him besides his own teammates.


SCP-1162 is a gambling SCP. Gamble every object you find to get something worst or better! This room and be found in SCP-173's current spawn room.

Respawn Timer

The respawn timer keeps track of NTF and CI tickets, warhead, who's spawning next, and when the next spawn wave is spawning.

Custom Roles

Custom roles are like subdivisions, each subdivision does different things.

Auto Broadcast

Makes a C.A.S.S.I.E broadcast in the start of the game and when chaos insurgency spawns.

SCP Swap

Swap to any open SCP or request to swap with a player.

SCP team stats

Shows the stats of every SCP. As long as you are a SCP also.

Spectator list

Shows who is spectating you currently.

XP System

Gives you XP for stuff you do :D

Candy Utils

Gives chances for the pink candy.