[ID] SCP:SL Playground for the bois.

1. Cheating, Exploiting are Strictly Prohibited
2. Racism, Harrasment, and Discriminating is strictly Prohibited
3. Mic Spamming is Allowed, but please keep it minimum and avoid doing so in
Spectator Chat, SCP Chat, or the Radio.
4. Putting Links on your Username is allowed, but please keep it minimum
5. Teaming and Camping is allowed, if you do not camp and delay the game.
6. Intentionally Massive/excessive Team killing is not Tolerated and cannot be appealed.
7. Chill, we chill we vibe ;) Goodluck and have fun!

Common Known Bugs:
1. Stairs Bug; if you are SCP, please do not excessively jump on a 45 degree stairs such as
the stairs in SCP-173, Server Room, SCP-106, Gate A. the game will think you are cheating
get you killed by "Anticheat" Debug Code: F3/1/2/4
2. Elevator Bug; as SCP-096 if you became docile at the elevator and when it's the time the
Elevator teleports you to the e.destination (the Elevator Destination) you will have the
chance of getting killed by the anticheat for flying, etc.
3. Rubberbanding Kills; if you have a laggy internet, rubberbanding can get you killed by
Anticheat for "NoClip" hacks

Discord: Click Here