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Welcome to our server! Please read the following.

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1]: Do NOT meta-game. (Finding any information outside of the game and providing it to players. Whether it's by messages, streaming or voice chat)

2]: Do not be toxic to one another. If someone asks you to stop being rude, simply stop.

3]: Do not team with your enemy. MTF can cuff D-class instead of killing them, but are not allowed to let D-class into entrance zone. (CI can team with SCPs, if wanted)

4]: Do not mic spam/play music for longer then 5 seconds as an SCP, or in spectator mode.

5]: SCPs are not meant to help anyone escape unless playing as PC, or are guiding CI.

6]: Do not delay the game. Camping, teaming or going AFK to delay the game is prohibited. Being AFK will get you kicked for 10 seconds.

7]: Do not advertise any social media, websites etc...(You can have TTV, YT etc... or any appropriate links in your name.)

8]: Swearing is allowed, but if someone asks you to stop, please do so. (N word is highly discouraged as you can get in trouble)

9]: Do not try to get your teammates killed. Example: Do not kill SCPs with a tesla gate as SCP-079. Closing doors on teammates is allowed. (Locking teammates in rooms is discouraged)

10]: Do not share anyone's personal information without their permission, and be respectful to everyone.

11]: Listen to what staff say, and follow instructions.

12]: Do not try finding/using any loopholes in the rules.

By playing on our server you agree to all the rules, and will follow them.
Please report anyone you see breaking rules. You're allowed to report staff if they are abusing power. You can make a report by joining our discord server. Please report any server issues to our managers.

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