Welcome to Rose City!
Join our Discord at: https://discord.com/invite/vr58duu
Let's set some ground rules:
1.No Cheating or Using Exploits of any kind
2.Try to play your role, you are allowed to be a little goofy, a little goofster, a little goofball.
3.Mic spam or Soundboard bits should be kept to a minimum, do not become a walking radio.
4.No offensive slurs or jokes that would get someone live banned.
5.No being toxic
6.Cross-Teaming is only allowed between respective teams. Ex:
D-Class with Chaos, Scientists with Guards and MTF, Chaos can team with the SCP's
7.No killing yourself, play the game goofy
8.No Self-Advertising (Having TTV in your name is okay)
9.Have common sense, don't find loopholes in the rules.

-If The Owner, Admins, or Moderators are on, they can get goofy and their judgement is final.-
-The Owner, Admins, or Moderators can start events if they are ever online the server.-

Contact information:
Email:[email protected]