1. No racism, homophobia, or prejudice, don't intentionally harass other players.
2. Do not stall/delay round end for ANY REASON, if you are stuck, leave and rejoin.
3. NTF and Facility Guards aren't allowed to team with enemy factions, and SCPs/Serpents Hand cannot team with anyone but Class D, and Chaos Insurgency. Cuffed Class D/Scientists are exempt from these rules as they can escape and join different factions.
4. You are not allowed to Earrape, Play Music, or Mic spam on Global Voice (Intercom, Spectator, Start/End round), Local is allowed.
5. Have a little common sense; don't do something that you wouldn't do to your grandma.
Staff can give punishments at their own discretion.

Credit to: Galaxy119, iopietro, Beryl, Cyanox, KadeDev, lXxMangoxXl
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