Frog's Pond

-= Description =-

This is a dedicated server with minimal admin intervention geared towards a more mature playerbase. Tired of "Event rounds" where you get wave rushed by admins no-clipping through walls? This is the server for you. We have a skeleton crew of admins to keep the server playable and no moderators or any non-essential roles.

-= Notable Options =-

914 upgrades held and dropped items

-= Rules =-

No excessive mic-spamming (Playing music, screeching, other generally unpleasant noises)
No round stalling
Only CI and D-Class with CI can team with SCP
Don't do anything that severely impacts fun & gameplay for others
Staff has final say on rulings, you know if you're pushing something too far

Have a suggestion to improve the server? Questions about something? Contact us using some method below.

-= Contact =-

Join the discord:
Owner Contact Email: [email protected]<color=#28BC67>