Welcome to Professor's Cola Lab

<size=25>Server Rules

- 1. Rules
- 1.1. KOS is not allowed for any human class except Chaos Insurgents. NTF, Guards, and Scientists may not KOS Class-Ds. Class-Ds may not KOS scientists. You may kill regardless of class if the person consents to being killed. Killing is allowed if the player is being uncooperative, hostile, or actively sabotaging you.

- 1.2. SCPs may show "mercy" to Class-Ds and Scientists but general teaming is not allowed except for between Chaos and SCPs.

- 1.3. No racism, sexism, homophobia, or language associated with them.

- 1.4. Continuous harassment of another player is not allowed. If they are friends who are both okay with it then it is allowed.

- 2.1. Micspam is not allowed on intercom. You may micspam through Prox. Chat and radios at your own risk.

- 2.2. Do not ask for staff permissions.

- 2.3. Elevator music is welcomed when using the intercom.

- 2.4. Admin events are hosted on Fridays but can be hosted any time if the majority of the lobby agrees to it.

- 3.1. Do not break the rules in retaliation against a rule-breaker. Contact a staff member via the Discord or in game.

Have Fun!!!

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