Hello and welcome to Peentopia.

We are a streaming community following our Caulk master, NeenoPeeno

Discord: Discord

Rule 1: As a Facility Guard or Nine-Tailed Fox, you are required to cuff Class-D instead of killing them. Vice Versa goes for the Chaos with Scientists. You may only kill other players if they have a gun and a threat isn't nearby.
Rule 2: No hacking. This is a pretty obvious one, just don't do it. You will be permanently banned by an Administrator (Rain), Developer (Exiled and Klaxus) or NeenoPeeno himself. Afterwards, a report will be filed to Northwood.
Rule 3: Discrimatory terms (such as the n-word) will result in a temporary 1-day ban. If you continue afterwards, you will be banned for longer or permanently.
Rule 4: Respect. Always have it. Disrespect may be classed as a directed or undirected insult.
Rule 5: Do not target players. This was specifically made to protect staff, developers or NeenoPeeno from people who want to get a even remote form of clout for killing a person on stream
Rule 6: Staff are not here to help you get an unfair advantage (unless one of the staff decide to do this, which then I really don't care) really, just no begging.
Rule 7: Do not communicate about or include sensitive and explicit topics anywhere in-game (sexual assault, murder, irl violence etc.).
Rule 8: Do not bug staff about something that happened before they were online.
Rule 9: Getting a rule breaker punished requires evidence for punishment unless a staff sees it directly.
Rule 10: The intercom, radio and voice chat is for chatting, not setting up a radio station.

Each punishment will be determined amoungst the staff (this includes Exiled, a non-staff member). The punishment is decided through which rule is broken and how bad it was broken.

If you were punished and think it was wrongly so, please click here to appeal (note: if your appeal is denied, you may not appeal again): Appeal

This server was made by ExiledNeptunium and KlaxusNexus.