Welcome to the Shadow Government

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#1 There is zero tolerance for harassment or using slurs. Racism is a permanent ban.
#2 Using cheats or exploits is strictly prohibited.
#3 Teaming is only allowed between Class-D and Scientists.
#4 Do not shut doors on your teammates intentionally.
#5 Do not kill players that have surrendered or are actively being disarmed.
#6 Do not mic-spam in any form in any chat.
#7 Do not delay the round.
#8 Do not suicide as a zombie or leave the server before becoming one.
Staff have final say.

#1 - SCP 1162 in New 173 Containment
#2 - Guards/MTF/Chaos can be handcuffed and turned into the other team
#3 - Friendly Fire at the end of the round
#4 - Auto Nuke after 25 minutes
#5 - 914 will impact players