Welcome to the TFW SCP Server

1: No racism, homophobia or prejudice

2: No harassment towards anyone inside or outside of the discord

3: No drama of any kind.

4: Do not ping staff for no reason, and do not ping people with "Do Not Ping" in their name (Even while they're in chat), Spam pinging is not allowed.

5: Use the right channels, eg use bots in #bot-cess-pool and memes in #memes, exception is the !rep command.

6: Staff's words are final, fighting back will result in a worse punishment. If you feel like a staff member is in the wrong in a situation, be sure to inform a higher ranking staff member.

7: Use common sense, loopholes are not allowed and will be acknowledged.

8: Any NSFW is not allowed, and will result in a punishment. Rule of thumb; if you wouldn't show it to your Grandma, don't send it here.
(NSFW Roleplay and things alike would not be allowed.)

9: No Excessive Toxicity.

10:Follow Discord's ToS here https://discordapp.com/guidelines

11: Any form of Discord Crasher will result in an instant mute.

12: No political extremism or linking to extremist sites.