Swearing is permitted but any hate speech or slurs are not allowed regardless of your Race.

staff has the right to ban you at any moment.

Any attempts to DDOS or hack this server is a felony and will result in a ban, we will also give what information we have to the
appropriate law enforcement.

No camping/stalling of the round is allowed.

Do not harass or impersonate staff, most of them work really hard.

No trolling/mic spamming allowed. Playing music is allowed as long as it is okay with the staff and players. (applies to radio, spectator/scp chat, and intercom)

No teaming is allowed, unless it is CI or SCP.
Follow The Guidelines Set By NorthWoods TOS And Community Guidelines And The Guidelines/TOS Set By Steam.

Any player in 914
Has a chance to go to a random room if the setting is on course

1:1 Has a 50% chance of getting an Scp different than the one they start off as except scp-079. Same goes with d-class and scientists and mtf and chaos.

The player has a chance to spawn in as scp-3114

And there is a chance instead of mtf and chaos spawn wave you might get a chance to spawn in as Serpents Hand.