Welcome to <color=#0000ff>Tuck's SCP Server [MODDED] [U.S EAST]

<color="yellow">Want to be a staff member? <color="white"> <color="green">Apply here!


<color="green">Discord server
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<color="yellow">Server INFO
<color="white">This server is heavily modded, from mods that lock SCP's and D-class in there sells for 30 seconds.
This server also has a respawn timer that will show you when you will respawn, and what the percent chance of what team will respawn MTF or CI.
We all so have a candy mod that allows you to take 9 candies instead of 2 and also has a 5% chance of giving you a pink candy.
SCP's have slightly more health then normal.
<color="red">for more info

We hope you join and have lots of fun, so what are you waiting for, smash that connect arrow and star button!
PS are discord is the heart of our community, join if you want. our discord is where you can get update about this server.
​1. No spamming.

2. Don’t ask for staff. you can apply for <color="blue">Staff here!

3. Don't say anything that is gross or inappropriate.

4. Don’t falsely report somebody.

5. Don't be mean.

6. Respect everyone as you would want to be respected.

7. Don’t tell staff members how to do their job.

8. Staff members have the final say.

9. You must be 13 years or older to play on our server.

10. no camping checkpoints, elevator systems, and important rooms such as, 914, all spawns, warhead silo and control room (on surface), intercom, and escape hall (on surface).

11. do not damage or kill cuffed escape classes.

<color="white">12. you can only team with certain people,<color="yellow"> scientists<color="white">, <color="black">facility guard<color="white">, <color="blue">MTF<color="white">, can team. <color="orange">D-Class<color="white">, and<color="green"> Chaos Insurgency<color="white">, can team. <color="red">SCP's <color="white">and <color=#e000ff>Serpents Hand<color="white"> can team.

<color="yellow">13. KOS is NOT Allowed (exceptions include, enemy player's running away​, not obeying orders, and enemy players holding weapons (Micro, Jailbird, particle Disruptor, Frag Grenade, Flash Bang are included) all of these things require 2 verbal warnings before KOS is Allowed.

14. Have Fun!