Southern Irregulars : Server 1

Invite link to our discord:

We hope you have a good time on our servers, as for the rules they are below!

1. Discrimination is not allowed, even if you consider yourself part of the group the phrase/word is directed towards.
2. Spam is not allowed on the in-game server, this can be through Intercom spam or micspam in Spectator/SCP chat, you can however play music and other soundboard content as long as it does not have the intention to be incredibly loud.
3. NSFW content is not allowed, including ERP.
4. Doxxing or attempted doxxing of a user is an instant permanent ban from the discord and ingame servers, the users information is for them to share and theirs alone.
5. Cheating/Exploiting using any form of game modifications is not allowed, should this be found the user will be permanently banned from the discord and in-game servers, as well as a notification to Northwood of their actions.
6. Harassment of individuals is not allowed, this will be dealt with severely depending on severity of the actions taken.
7. Incitement to rulebreak is not allowed, this is through pressuring another player to commit a rulebreak.
8. Staff reserve the right to punish for actions not stated in these rules above, however only to a certain extent, if you believe your punishment is too extreme or for something you should not be punished for please contact Cynicya#9757 with any evidence you have against your punishment.