MoonLight Corporation
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• Must comply with Streamer Supported Servers.
• Do not spam your Microphone.
• This is an English only Server.
• No Racial Slurs/Homophobic Comments Allowed.
• Listen to Staff Members at all Times.
• Playing Music/Soundboards are not allowed.
• Cross Teaming is not allowed, read roles below.

• Custom Starting Spawn that allows you to vote for a role.
• Cuffed players may not take any damage unless uncuffed.
• The warhead has a Custom Colour when it goes off.
• You can open card required doors/lockers Remotely.
• A Respawn Timer is shown when spectating.
• SCP-1162 (Casino) allows you to drop items for a random ones.
• SCP-106 can use his stalker mode to teleport to a player.

[Class-D] have the objective of escaping the facility.
[Guards/MTF] have to help contain SCPs and rescue Scietists/Class-D.
[Scientists] must escape the facility alive and dislike Class-D.
[Chaos] can assist SCPs/Class-D and must kill all Guards/MTF personnel.
[SCPs] must kill everyone or work with Chaos while escaping the facility.

Support @ [email protected]
Developed by LuciusDev @ MoonLight Corporation 2021