[AU] Orbital Servers
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@glitch. Root
@morgana.x Developer
@mrscammerman Admin

1 Any form of harassment, discrimination and or hateful language will result in a ban with no exceptions even in jokeful contexts.
2 Excessive mic spam in global channels such as spectator chat, scp chat, radio etc is discouraged, a mute may apply.
3 Teaming is allowed within reason, as long as it does not stall the game.
4 Team killing is permitted however excessive, targeted or mass team killing per judgement of staff may result in punishment.
5 Impersonation of staff both from Orbital Servers and Northwood Studios is prohibited
6 Advertising is not allowed
7 You may kill cuffed players if they are not following orders or for roleplay reasons :)
Please refer to the materials below for further information
<a href="https://store.steampowered.com/eula/700330_eula_0">SCP SL EULA</a>
<a href="https://scpslgame.com/Verified_server_rules.pdf">SCP SL VSR</a>
<a href="https://scpslgame.com/Ban_Policy.pdf">SCP SL BAN POLICY</a>
You can type .push in the game console (or cmbbind somekey .push to bind it) to push someone your looking at
You can type .pat in the game console (or cmbbind somekey .push to bind it) to pat scp 939 and give them 2 hp
Orbital Events
Custom event system with a few events for staff to use
SCP Proximity Chat
SCPS 049 and 939 can press ALT to toggle proximity chat
Orbital Utilities
- Cuffed players cannot interact with doors/elevators
- Auto Nuke activates after 20 minutes
- Cuffed MTF/CI can escape to become the opposite team.
- Guards can escape and become MTF Captain.
- Guards don't trigger tesla gates
- SCPs get notified when SCPs disconnect and when generators are activated
- Players who join late get set to D-Class