Welcome to
The Containment Chamber

You are welcome to join our discord at Click Here!

These will be the only rules you need to follow.
1. No D class kos or scientist kos if they are unarmed or if they surrender, If they have a gun you may kill them.
2. Do not Teamkill unless provoked, provoked meaning they are stealing items in 914, They shoot you, or if they kill one of their other teammates.
3. Do not play sound boards in intercom or spectator unless instructed to.
4. This server follows the jester rule.

914 Role Changing
Remote keycard
Scp swap
Infinite candy
You can shoot the sensor on the doors to open them
Scp Proximity chat
No decontamination
Infinite Sprint
You can make particle disruptors and Com-45's in 914
SCP 056 Basically 035 but better
When zombies kill you they make you zombies too