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Welcome to Site 19 [REDACTED] [EXPUNGED], Canada

This server was formerly called Area 22.

Rule 1: No Team Killing, None at all.

Rule 2: No racism or homophobia (its common sense)

Rule 3:Dont beg the owner or co owner for any sort of admins. Admin applications will be available for a short period when I can upgrade server slots.

Rule 4: No KOS. Also common sense, You can do this to Scientists, Facility Guards and MTF as D Class and Chaos ONLY.

Rule 5: No micspam.

Rule 6: You must follow the NLR (New life rule) if you die.

Rule 7: Don't go around as a scavenger around the facility like a madman as a scientist or guard. If you are a D-Class and you manage to escape you can loot to try to escape.

Rule 8: Dont grief, also common sense!

Rule 9: Don't be a 5 year old please!

Rule: 10 Don't beg for SCP's

Thats all folks!