Contact the server owner directly at : Overweight#5563
Contact the server mods at :

1. Don't be a dick, use your common sense.
2. No intentional teamkilling. (except when the round is over of course)
3. If an admin tells you to do something, do it.
4. No hate speech will be tolerated.
5. Don't mic-spam.
6. Regarding teaming ;
Human/Human teaming is allowed to a certain extent.
SCP's may not team with humans, only each other.
Chaos can only team with D-Class.
D-Class are only resources, Unless detained. (free killing D-class is allowed, except for chaos)
7. Don't stall the game (Don't hide somewhere that SCP's can't open, otherwise "079" might open the door)
8. Do not intentionally kill yourself.