Welcome to Cursed Laboratory!

Discord invite link: https://discord.gg/8fQg4cmK
If you want to report someone, join the discord server and report them in #player-report.
If there is a bug, report it in the discord server in #bug-reports.

This is a brand new server. This is intended to be a fun server with frequent events and event rounds.


1. Show respect to everyone. No bullying or personally attacking others.

2. No mic spamming in the radio or spectator chats.

3. Do not throw the game by killing your teammates as SCP-079 or by killing yourself/leaving to avoid becoming SCP-049-2.

4. Do not argue with staff. If you think what they are doing is wrong, report them on the discord server.

Gameplay Changes:

Serpent's Hand: A group of tutorials who fight alongside the SCPs. They have a chance to respawn instead of chaos

SCP-1162: Gives a random item when you drop an item in SCP-173's containment chamber

You can change your class with 914