Cursed Laboratory

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1. Show respect to everyone. No bullying or personally attacking others.

2. No mic spamming in the radio or spectator chats.

3. Do not throw the game by killing your teammates as SCP-079 or by killing yourself/leaving to avoid being an SCP (you can swap with 914 with any SCP besides SCP-079 anyways).

4. Do not try to circumvent rules. Use common sense and you should be fine.

5. Listen to staff and do not argue with staff. If you think what they are doing is wrong, report them on the discord server.

Major Gameplay Changes:

UIU Squad: A group that spawns in to help the mobile task force. They have a chance of respawning instead of the mobile task force and they have much more health than the mobile task force

Serpent's Hand: A group of tutorials who fight alongside the SCPs. They have a chance to respawn instead of chaos

SCP-1162: Gives a random item when you drop an item in SCP-173's containment chamber

914 Class Change: You can change your class with 914. Most SCPs can change which SCP they are by setting it to Fine. Most human classes can change their class by setting 914 to rough or very fine

Auto Nuke: The alpha warhead activates if the round goes on for too long

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!