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1. No racism, homophobia or discrimination.
2. Soundboards, micspam and music is not allowed on radios, SCP chat or the Lobby.
3. Keep soundboards to a minimum, if someone asks you to quiet down, do so.
4. No 079 team killing (tesla gates)
5. No KOS D-Class unless they are visibly armed, aren't following orders or if they are a gangster/mob boss. (Scientists can KOS D-Class). Cuffed D-Class should not be shot unless a chaos spawn wave has occurred, after a chaos spawn wave all ClassD can be shot.
6. SCP's can not team with MTF, scientists or D-class unless bargaining. When a Serpents Hand spawn wave happens Chaos and SCP's can no longer team.
7. Listen to staff at all times.
8. Do not create mass blood pools on admins or Serpents hand as an SCP.
9. No stream sniping or ghosting. Don't spoil the fun.
10. Do not give guns to scientists as a guard to kill ClassD.
11. Rules can always be updated, staff's say is final. </b>


- You can use "cmdbind (key) (command)" to easily do commands like ".vent" and ".throw"
- 049-2 is very powerful and useful, don't suicide, create an army.
- 914 Teleportation can help you to escape a tricky situation or get unstuck.

<B> Plugins And Features: </b>

- Stamina Changes (You gain stamina TWICE as fast as vanilla.)
- 914 Teleportation (914 teleports to certain rooms on Coarse. Be wary.)
- Tranquilizer (Silenced USP will knock players out.)
- SCPSwap (You can swap SCP's with someone using .scpswap.)
- Chopper Drop (The MTF heli drops items every 10 minutes.)
- Item throwing (Using .throw in console throws an item.)
- Pets (You can choose any entity in the game to follow you around.)
- Scp008X (Buffs zombies making them infect on damaging humans, slowly killing a human.)
- ScpStats (This gives you the discord rank ingame and also keeps track of some stats.)
- WaitAndChill (This replaces the black lobby screen and spawns players in a random locked room.)
- Better Sinkholes (Sinkholes in LCZ, going too far in will take you to the pocket dimension.)
- SCP-049 can talk to humans.
- Luckypills (Pills give a variety effects similar to candy, explode, through up grenades etc.)
- Respawn Timer (Shows when and what you will spawn as on the spectator screen.)
- 914 kills on rough.
- Remote Keycards (This allows you to open doors without the required keycard in your hand.)
- Commonutils (This helps us run the server.)
- Serpent's Hand (This can spawn Serpent's hand, their job is to work with the scps and kill everyone else.)
- AFK replacer (This will kill someone if they are afk for 45 secs, this allows someone to replace them.)
- 012 (Adds 012 to its respective room, going too close will kill you.)
- Hats (This adds hats that follow you around, you can access this through our patreon.)
- AdvancedSubClass (Allows us the create custom classes for roles!)

For any info please DM "ryv#0049" or join our discord.
Unban requests can be filled out on the discord support section.
If you have a request as a plugin dev for something to be removed or changed please contact us on discord.
Thanks, have fun.