US East Own Based Secret Lab server


1.No hacking or cheating or use bugs.
2.Respect other players I understand people joke around which is fine just be respectful and not harass other players.
3.We support freedom of speech.
4.No anti own members are allowed.
5.No mic spamming on the intercom unless its good music or funny and if you are told to stop listen and you wont be kicked.
6.Don't kill D-class on sight unless they resist then you can kill them. besides the SCPS they can kill them as they please.
7.Respect all admins and owner and mods at all times and listen to them. fail to do so would be kick or ban depending on the situation.
8.No team grifeing I understand you close the door once or twice on a player but on a constant to everyone is annoying so you will be kicked or ban.
9.Teaming is allowed if its beneficial to both party's such as SCP's and Chaos so they can end the game quickly.
10.Do not suicide if you don't want to play the scp ask the admin to change your class we will change you. also if you are 049-2 your request will be denied and you will play 049-2 and you cant suicide you must play until you are fairly killed. also the request can also be denied if asked to frequently.
11.Do not breach steam's terms of service.
12.No doxing or ddosing, hacks or any other attacks is forbidden and perma ban will be given to you.
13.Admins can decided the punishment for you but if you do think the punishment is unfair then make a report on the OWN discord server.
14.Do not spawn camp MTF or chaos spawn no more than a minute.
15.Try to stay wholesome and don't be toxic and just have fun.
16.We do encourage funny role plays.
17.Don’t argue with administration

More rules will be added if needed.

We also have a discord server we have tf2 Minecraft and now SCP secret lab come on and join in <html> </html> also say you came from this server it would put a smile on my face.

Note this server will be work in progress and please enjoy your stay thank you! :)