<size=25>Welcome to the slug shack. These are the rules.</size=25>

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1. No cheating.
2. Respect other members of the community.
3. Make an effort to win for your team.
4. MTF and Security Guards are forbidden from killing Class D personnel on sight.
5. SCPs and Chaos Insurgents are allowed to team so long as there are no remaining Class D personnel in the round.
6. SCP-079 is required to have a working microphone to communicate with his/her teammates.
7. Do not use your microphone to intentionally irritate others.
8. Staff have the final say in any situation.
These are merely a summary of the server rules condensed to a format where they may be read easily and quickly. To see a more thorough explanation of each of the rules, please visit the #scp-rules channel in the Discord server.