Welcome to Site 4

1. Staff have finally say
2. Staff sometimes do admin abuse they consider events (as long as everyone's having fun don't report admin abuse)
3. No tk unless otherwise permitted by staff
4. No micspam or earrape
5. Do not kill yourself as scp (especially as 49-2)
6. KOS is allowed but does not apply to detained or complying individuals
7. If your trapped in a room longer than 4 minutes a staff member can let you out (Contact staff on the discord server)
8. Common sense

Discord Link

Admin Tools
Common Utilities
Scp Lockdown
Custom Items (new guns and scp items to find more info on discord server)
UIU Squad (Rare chance for Epsilon 2 to spawn with better weaponry)
Serpent's Hand (Rare chance for the IRS to spawn allied with scps)