1) No generalized or targeted harassment towards server members
2) Don’t hack or cheat, or abuse any glitches
3) No use of derogatory slurs (Includes baiting saying slurs)
4) No excessive sound, soundboards are allowed in proximity but keep it to a minimum
5) Teamkill is allowed, but kept to a minimum (meaning not off spawn, in large numbers, grenading elevators)
6) Kill on sight (KOS) is allowed
7) Teaming is allowed, as long as it doesn't hold up the round
8) Inappropriate topics are to be generally avoided
9) Refrain from being overly toxic in voice chat
10) Bigotry is not permitted on this server (Homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, etc...)

The discord is https://discord.gg/site8 if you would like to join and participate in polls, be notified of events and activities, apply for a staff position, vote in our mock elections, and interact with our friendly community of 330+ members!
We currently offer a modded Minecraft server, and a modded Unturned server as well!
Events are open for suggestion; you may ask a moderator to preform your event!