Welcome to The Core SCP:SL server. We are a fork of the now defunct site 19 server.

Join our discord.

1. No mic spam or ear rape in spectator chat, intercom, radio, or SCP chat (global chats).

2. No mass team killing.

3. No targeted team killing.

4. No verbally assaulting or targeting other players because of their race, age, gender, sexuality, religion, etc.

5. No discrimination in general.

6. Hacking and use of exploits are not allowed in the server.

7. No holding up rounds (you should be warned before staff action is taken.)

8. You are not allowed to use words or phrases that are considered to be offensive to or making fun of any group of people.

9. Disrespect towards staff is not allowed.

10. Staff impersonation is not allowed.

11. You are not allowed to make legitimate threats towards the server or players.

12. No killing detained/handcuffed enemies.

13. Do not argue with staff members, they are always right, if you feel a staff member is being unfair, please contact the server owner via the discord