1- Primary Language Englisch, other languages ar allowed but in contact with Staff you ar requird to speak Englisch.
2- Class Ds ar allowed to kill Class Ds but ALL other teams ar not allowed to team kill at ANY time.
3- KOS is allowed
4- No sound pads in the SCP chat or in the waiting/death chat
5- Leaving as SCP is not allowed, killing yourself as SCP isnt allowed
6- Killing team mates by closing dors is not allowed for all teams besides Class Ds
7- Staff members have the final saying, bans can only be appelt in ouer Discord []
8- Camping is not allowed, standing on one place for 5 min with out a reasen is camping [Reasens ar, upgrading card in 914,...]
9- Exploiting/Glitching in any capacity will be banned!
10- Stealing items in 914 is not allowed even if they ar from a difrent Team, Class ds and Sientists may steal from each other.
11- Dont be Toxic

For questians or reports or appeals fell free to join ouer Discord link blow