Bungo Networks
Server IP: scp.bungo.ca</align>

<size=15>Server Rules
1. Hacking or Cheating will be punished with a permanent ban from the server.
2. Teamkilling is not allowed.
2.1 The only exceptions are:
- Class-D killing Class-D
- TKs under Mutual Consent
3. Racism and homophobia are not tolerated on this server.
4. This is an English server and so English is the main language but you are free to speak any language just expect some people to not understand.
5. Use common sense!
5.1 If you think it would be against the rules, it is probably against the rules
5.2 If a staff member states that you are breaking the rules, their word is final!
5.3 Every rule (besides hacking and racism) is subject to be broken under "fun" conditions
- This means if everyone involved is having a good time, you can team kill each other

Click here to join the discord!
If Above link doesn't work: https://discord.gg/9E3rzaR

Server Mods:
- AdminTools -> Helps us (the staff) run custom events / have some fun with everyone.
- Lights -> Once again lets us (the staff) run custom events.
- RemoteKeyCard -> No more do you need a keycard in hand to open a locked door! If it's in your inventory it will open!
- SCP-575 -> An SCP that has a chance of spawning each round and will turn off all lights in the facility occasionally.

^ All credits go to the creators of the mods and to Exiled for creating the modding platform!