1. Racism, Homophobia, and Racial or Homophobic Slurs of any kind are not allowed.

2. Toxicity is not appreciated or purposefully allowed. Please avoid being toxic in general.

3. Bullying and Harassment are not allowed and will be punished.

4. No Spamming of people or channels.
This includes randomly pinging individuals or roles, mass mentions or messages, and posting text walls.

5. Do not purposefully bring drama from other servers here. A mention of it may be allowed, but it should not persist further.

6. Channels are meant to be used according to their intended purpose, listed in their name.
There's multiple channels for this reason.

7. Attempted Punishment Evasions through the use of alts will lead to a permanent ban of said alt along with your punishment being amplified further.

8. Illegal content of any kind is not allowed and will lead to an immediate permanent ban.
This includes content which breaks Discord's ToS or Community Guidelines.

Please Note: We are an English-Speaking Discord community. The enforcement of the rules follows that the english definition of a word is used rather than the context of the other language used to say it.
EX: Saying a word in spanish that would be a racial slur in english will lead to a punishment of some kind.