- Changed gameplay

- Respawn timer

- SCP proximity chat

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Welcome to RoachLand! We pride ourselves on being a heavily modded server, offering a blend of events, roleplays, and regular rounds. With an always active owner and an attentive staff team, our server boasts high-quality plugins ensuring a lag-free experience. What sets us apart? Ample server space, a non-toxic community, and the assurance of only one server, ensuring a dedicated and engaging environment for all. Drop by anytime to say hi – I'm always here to welcome you!



1. Avoid stalling the game.
2. No teaming unless last 2 chaos.
3. Don't report players for KOS. It's allowed.
4. Soundboards are ok, but no earape or constant spam in global chat (intercom or spectator or pre-game chat).
5. No racial slurs, NSFW content, harassment, toxicity, etc.
6. Don't abuse glitches in the game.
7. Steer away from political discussions.
8. Do not camp.
9. Avoid evading punishments by using alternate accounts or leaving the game.



On SCPSL (SCP Secret Laboratory, the first platform):

. Warnings reset each week for SCPSL.

• 1 warning is just a warning.

• 2 warnings result in a 10-minute ban.

• 3 warnings result in a 1-week ban.

• 4 warnings result in a 1-month ban.

• 5 warnings result in a 1-year ban.


On Discord:

• Warnings reset every month.

• 1 warning is just a warning.

• 2 warnings lead to a 10-minute mute.

• 3 warnings lead to a 1-day mute.

• 4 warnings lead to a 3-day ban.

• 5 warnings lead to a 1-week ban.

• 6 warnings lead to a 1-month ban.

• 7 warnings result in a permanent ban.

Additionally, excessive spamming over intercom or spectator mode can lead to a permanent ban from those features, even voice chat.