1) No Toxicity.
If you can't manage to do this you probably don't have a place on this server.

2) Must be 13+.
Light roleplay can sometimes turn to not PG-13 topics, and honestly squeakers can be a bit too much. As an addition, please reduce your mic usage if your voice is generally considered annoying.

3) Try to stick to roleplay.
This means acting as if you haven't already memorized the perfect route or similar sillyness. Not strictly necessary but greatly appreciated.

4) No mic spam during round or spectating.
The usual pre-round memeing is fine though.

5) No killing on sight unarmed people.
This means Guards/NTF can't kill D-Class or Scientists unless they are holding a gun.
*The exception is D-class & scientists, who can kill each other if they get a gun.

6) Obey the staff.
You could always not, but don't be surprised if you get banned.
*If you have an issue, join the discord server and file a complaint. ~~It will promptly be ignored.~~

Discord: https://discord.gg/K8mr3ja