<align=center><size=40>Welcome To <align=center><size=40>AXE VIP!

<size=15>C̲l̲i̲c̲k̲ ̲h̲e̲r̲e̲ <size=15>to join our discord server! to get updates on when the server is on and what has changed and all reports will be taking in the discord.

<size=15>C̲l̲i̲c̲k̲ ̲h̲e̲r̲e̲ <size=15>to visit our patreon since im going broke lol.

<size=20><align=center>↓ Rules ↓

<size=14>1.Must be able to speak either Norwegian or English it makes it confusing for others that dont know ur lanuage

<size=14>2.Do not annoy or be rude to other players it makes it less fun for others its okay to swear as long as no one takes offense to it

<size=14>3. Do not use any bugs, mods or hacks to help you win this counts as cheating and makes the game unfun for everyone

<size=14>4. Do not play music/sounds in the spectator/radio or intercom its ok to play it as long at its not Earrape/Annoying sounds or done to often

<size=14>5. Do not stall the round on purpose by either camping or refusing to fight etc if ur the last one on ur team alive and a bit of the game has gone by try avoid to stall up the round

<size=14>6. Do not cross team for a period of time making deal like opening the door and getting spared by an scp/other team is allowed

<size=14>7. Don't target the same player since it makes it unfun for the other player and ruins their experience

<size=14>8. Don't find loopholes in the rules this is when you excuse something because it was technically not in the rules (this will not be an excuse for you)

<size=14>9. Lisent to staff members if you purposely ignore what staff members say to you and you will receive a fitting punishment

<size=14>10. Don't try to avoid punishments by using and alt/different account it will result in both alt and main getting a permeant ban

<size=14>11. If ur unsure if a rule is allowed or not (or have other questions it is recommended to ask a staff member in the Discord server which is found in server info you will not get a punishment for asking all the staff are nice (so is the owner)

<size=14>12. If a staff member is abusing contact a higher like the owner with proof by using the discord server which is found in server info

<size=14>13. Don't ghost ghosting is when ur a spectator and tell alive people where other people are it makes the game unfun and unfair for the other player

<size=14>14. Don't throw grenades in the elevator its not fun and is annoying

<align=center><size=20>↓ Plugins ↓

<size=15><align=center>Remote keycard you can access doors without needing to hold a card

<size=15><align=center>Scp-1162 spawns in 173s chamber (any item is grantable)

<size=15><align=center>Infitny Radios have infinite battery life

<size=10>Last edited 5/3/2023</color>